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Jessicka Fodera fronts Scarling. 7inch is GREAT!


A quick note.
The first scarling. 7 inch Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole is here and available for purchase.

Who? SCARLING. *Featuring Jessicka Fodera (Formerly of Jack off Jill), And *Rickey Lime (Previously in Shot gun Won )
What? Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole.
CD single? No, 7 Inch record.
What color? Red Vinyl.
Artwork? Mark Ryden
Produced by? Chris Vrenna
What label? Brought to you by: The good people at Sympathy For The Record Industry.

For more information on Scarling.
For information on the 7 inch

"Scarling. Sounds like being French kissed by the most beautiful beings in the world, and then being unable to stop the bleeding. Really alluring yet massive stuff." Alternative Press

"The Addams Family In Wonderland" LIPSTICK

"Like the Cure with bigger distortion pedals and a violent case of PMS." FRANCE SHOULD NOT EXIST ZINE
Get to know Scarling. A little here:

Here's the tracks:

A side: Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole 3:40
B side: H/C (pronounced H over C) 2:29

You want to make friends, have fights, do wrongs, make rights, or just read and see what others are saying... about the new 7 inch? Please visit the SCARBOARD, "Your one and only source of scarling. Information, drama, and rampant rumors."

If you have a scarling related link and would like to see it on the site please email .

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